This is how excellence is achieved.

We give your company an identity.

Our working method is the result of years of experience in the sector and includes a rigorous supervision of every phase, from design to delivery, relieving you of any operational problem thanks to a direct relationship that does not end after the sale.

Our uniforms, workwear and accessories are created with the aim of communicating the company’s identity and being beautiful, comfortable, resistant and safe. This is why our specialised staff checks every detail and every garment one by one so you have the assurance of a product that is impeccable, just like you.


We carefully listen to all your requests and needs, because only through confrontation and dialogue is it possible to get to know your company and transform your values into reality.


Each garment is designed by our designers so that it is the perfect blend of comfort, practicality, good taste and communicates the right message.

Selection of the materials

The fabrics we use are produced by certified companies, able to provide the best raw material based on your specific needs. A uniform is not just an outfit, even the accessories are carefully selected from among the best suppliers.


We inspect the samples together with you before proceeding with production. This is a fundamental phase in order to understand if everything is going according to your wishes and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


We collect information about sizes and measurements of everyone, so that we can offer uniforms that are perfect in every detail, based on the physical structure of the wearer.


We rely on carefully selected certified companies and carry out regular site inspections. So, we can guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards.

Quality control

We ensure that every garment that leaves our company complies and meets our high standards by checking every single item produced.


We can supply you with all the materials in a single solution or in customised kits containing the entire professional wardrobe of every single person.

After sales

We are always happy to satisfy your every request even after delivery. We are here to help you in your selection, anticipating every requirement so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

To create the image of your company don't look to the stars, follow the Stellar Design star.

Our garments and accessories will identify your company, a business card that will make you unique and memorable in the eyes of your customers. This is why the first and fundamental step is to get to know you and identify your needs.

Contact us and discover our custom-made approach.