We transform the essence of your company into a uniform that tells you who you are.

Follow the star, find a flexible and custom-made service.

Stellar Design is the most innovative company in the supply of corporate clothing, workwear and merchandising. A young, responsive, competitive player, that “listens before acting”. A serious, trustworthy and customer-oriented partner, whose professional staff has developed over the years a consolidated vertical know-how, skill, experience and relations in the aviation, shipping, biomedical and hotel industries.

Swiss made with an Italian taste.

Our work arises from the perfect combination of taste for fashion, quality of the fabrics and materials, production efficiency and attention to the customer.
We look for excellence in every single phase of the production process, scrupulously checking all the details, the quality of each single garment and accessory before delivery and we look for innovative solutions that can meet the specific needs of your company.

Our mission is to communicate the values and essence of your company through our uniforms and workwear. This is why a briefing is the first and perhaps the most important step in the entire production process. Only by getting to know you well, will we be able to efficiently interpret your brand.

Put us to the test, together we will create your new company identity.

To create the image of your company don't look to the stars, follow the Stellar Design star.

Our garments and accessories will identify your company, a business card that will make you unique and memorable in the eyes of your customers. This is why the first and fundamental step is to get to know you and identify your needs.

Contact us and discover our custom-made approach.